Pressing Matters

2015-Jun-09, Tuesday 01:55 pm
thisisdesire: Gorgon (Gorgon)
To Hell with personal growth and development. For the rest of my life I am going to watch and write about Dia Davina.

"A Boy Called Everything"
"Antlers For the Cheese"
"Sit Pretty"
"In Between"
"Skidmark Heart (9 Steps to a Satisfyingly Emo 90's Breakup)"

I am sure that I will add more to this list today. Also, I have liked their Facebook page and will be able to send them numerous messages begging for more wordgasms in the event that I run out of shit to watch. They could even video little mini-performances from the privacy and comfort of their own home. I wouldn't mind.

Now. On to other pressing matters.

Dear Silly Boy That I Spent Two Months Talking To,

I understand that breaking up with your teenage ten minute girlfriend must be incredibly difficult for a person with your complete lack of anything resembling insight, accountability, or self awareness. However, considering the fact that you completely stopped speaking to me because you were "so hurt" and "needed time" when I informed you that I would not be keeping myself pure and virtuous for you when:

a) You were in a monogamous relationship at the time and are so against the idea of polyamory that you wouldn't even listen to me explain what that means to me and therefor based all of your ideas and opinions on whatever you might have pulled from the stratosphere or out of your own uninformed ass.
b) You live several states away and have no plans to visit the state in which I reside.
c) We've not actually met in person.

I am less inclined to offer my shoulder and listen to you wax on about the unbearable unfairness of human beings in general and women in particular.

That being said, I WILL listen because I am not a heartless asshole, but I will NOT interrupt my Dia Davina poetry watching in order to do so. A girl has got to have her priorities. So, send me a message on kik elaborating on all of the brokenness of your manbaby heart and I will be sure to get back to you after this next poem...okay, well, maybe the one after that...You know what? I really just need to get through this playlist tonight, so if you could just get REALLY detailed with your message and maybe kick back for a while with some Beiber (this in no way means that I will ever stop hassling you about your steadfast devotion to this manufactured celebrity, but I know how much he makes everything right for you, so just do it) I promise I will get back to you after I've made it through the entire thing...and looked for other rarities...and slept for a few hours...and fortified myself with food and beverage to give me the strength to reply to your rather lengthy Ode to Everything Sucks.

Until then,



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